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We love nature and we want to show her to the world. This is why we use real butterfly wings and other parts of insects in our handcrafted jewelry. We purely use materials of high quality like sterling silver, pearls and real gemstones. We never use synthetic materials or other metals. 


Before you fall in love with the beauty and uniqueness of our jewelry, you might want to know the following:


  • Our butterflies have lived a full life span 

  • For our butterfly and beetles we cooperate with a registered insect farm based in Malaysia. We have build a relationship with this farm and therefore we can assure you that our butterflies and beetles come from a place that cares for their animals, and employees, in an honest way. 


  • Our wings are not pixel perfect and can have minimal damage. This is because our butterflies go through their full life cycle and die because of a natural cause. This means that mostly the legs and wings are touched by ants and other insects or wings are damaged by fluttering around. After their dead, they are collected. 


  • The average lifespan of a butterfly varies from one day to two weeks. For example, some butterfly or moth species have no mouth or stomach which makes them die very quickly. 


  • The breeding process of butterflies protects the natural jungle environment around our farm. Each caterpillar needs a very specific type of vegetation, whereupon the resulting cocoon can unfold into a butterfly. The butterflies we acquire grow up in a protected, green and open-air environment that's about the size of several football fields. 

  • Other insects, like our beetles, are farmed in accordance with the regulations of CITES (Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species). For example: Many people eat beetles and other insects in Thailand as a good source of protein. We acquire the wings afterwards.​


Please read our blog about that butterfly-in-frames trend you'll see around in all those fancy city concept stores. 

With love,

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