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MONOW jewelry is handcrafted in Amsterdam and inspired by nature and her creatures in the whole wide world. 

A big aspect of MONOW is the usage of everything from nature. Literally. Because, why reproduce in plastic or other synthetic materials when the real thing is so much better? We have travelled, we fell in love. Because, what is possibly more beautiful than a Malaysian rainforest, a crowded night market in Bali or Hanoi city at dawn?

We use real butterfly wings and other insects in our collection. ​


The usage of these natural elements make every piece of jewellery slightly different and therefore unique. 


Did you know that we only use ethically sourced butterfly wings in our collection?


Nothing is done to hurt our butterflies and they live a full live span. We believe every living creature on this earth is beautiful. Even the ones you don't expect to adore at first sight. Our journey? Showing you that even the tiny creepers on the earth are amazing. 

Please read more about animal welfare and our goals here

MONOW Amsterdam designs jewelry that is meant to last. We believe in creating pieces that are timeless quality.

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